New England - New France
Green Mountains - White Mountains - Gaspé Peninsula

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, excellent scenery, routes, and accommodation (can't forget the food either!). I definitely want to come back..."

- Miles Spencer, Jersey, United Kingdom (Gaspé Tour 1998)

"Some memories of the trip...the first beautiful, sunny morning through Vermont, the cool air, the silent camaraderie of all the riders as they sped along the smooth, curvy roads. Peace and serenity inside my wind bubble of a helmet as I soaked in the scenery and sunshine."

- Nealie Thompson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Mountains Tour, 1997)

Beginning in southern Vermont, the fourteen-night New England - New France tour will travel along twisting roads through the Green and White Mountains and up around the breathtaking maritime peninsula of Gaspé, Québec. This tour was suggested by NMT tour veterans who have asked that we create one tour that combines the superb mountain riding found on the Best of the Mountains tours with riding through the uniquely impressive landscape of the Gaspé Peninsula. Like the New England - New Scotland tour, New England - New France (our newest tour) explores a wide and beautiful variety of mountain and maritime regions to create two weeks of unforgettable riding.

After carving our way through the notches and gaps of the New England mountains we’ll travel along the rocky coast of Gaspé, where the roads first twist along the cliffs and then drop to sea level where waves crash just a few yards from the pavement. This is the southernmost location in North America where herds of Caribou still roam the tundra. The forests and surrounding waters are rich with wildlife of all kinds, from eagles to moose to humpback whales.
Formed by the glaciers, Gaspé is where the Appalachian mountain range begins. Stretching all the way from Quebec to Georgia, this mountain chain holds the best alpine riding on the East Coast. On the New England - New France tour you'll experience exceptional riding through three beautiful regions of the Appalachians: The Chic-Choc Mountains of Gaspe, the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont. This tour is rich in history, variety and, best of all, twisty road riding.
World famous for their early American architecture, the churches, courthouses, covered bridges and farms of New England will be constant reminders of times past as we wind our way through the Green and White mountains.

Located in the French - Canadian region of Québec, the architecture of Gaspé's traditional villages is simple and beautiful. Buildings cluster around small harbors and centuries-old churches face the ocean or sit high up on hills.

As with all of our tours, the inns and hotels used for each night's stay represent the best that each region has to offer. They range from traditional French and New England inns to grand hotels in the mountains and resorts along the coastline. In the White Mountain village of Jackson we'll spend three nights and in the coastal town of Percé we will spend two nights so that you have the option of spending the layover days exploring the area on foot, by boat (Percé) or by using short local rides.

Gourmet dinners with full choice of the menu are a Northeastern Motorcycle Tours tradition and the food on this tour is superb. The French, of course, are famous for their culinary skill and the meals on this tour will live up to that reputation. Every dining room and restaurant we've chosen to provide dinner on this tour were among those jury-selected by Bonnes tables au Québec as being the best in the region. The meals we'll experience while in New England will be equally rewarding. One of the French restaurants we'll enjoy for two evenings has been the regional champion in this competition for the last three years.

The New England - New France tour begins in southern Vermont and ends in a small village just west of Rimouski in the Canadian province of Québec but riders may choose to join our staff for an optional two-night leg at the end of the tour which will return them to our starting point in southern Vermont.

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