2020 will mark NMT's twenty-fourth year offering discriminating motorcyclists a wide variety of motorcycle tours through New England, the Adirondacks and the Canadian Maritimes.  We invite you to join us.  Our sitemap will help you to quickly navigate through motorcycletours.com and the information below will give you an overview of what we provide on our tours.
Each day of your tour features an organized group ride, or you can choose to strike out on your own (or with other riders) whenever you want. If you choose to head out on your own, you can join us further along the route, at lunch or later at dinner.  We offer companionship and freedom from most touring hassles without taking the fun or adventure out of motorcycle touring.

Our tours typicall last from 5 - 14 nights and are designed so that at least two nights per week are spent in one location. This allows you the option, if you choose, of spending the layover day off the motorcycle exploring an area on foot, by boat or by using short local rides. All individual tours are limited to ten motorcycles and fifteen participants to keep group sizes small. Custom and corporate tours are also available.

All of the towns shown on the sign above are tucked away in the mountains of New England.
  "All in all a grand week of motorcycle touring; a golden combination of superb roads, fascinating history, wonderful camaraderie and magnificent accommodations. And, best of all, for us, a tour that we were able to ride our own machines on. A big plus! The Gaspé is a place of stark and raw beauty.  It has a rich history and a distinctly French and European feel, yet  is only a few days' ride away from the Backroads area. You could go see it by yourself, but for the money you will never surpass the roads, dining experiences, inns and history that a week in the Gaspé with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours will give you.""

Journey to Lands' End... A Gaspé Adventure"
- Backroads, September, 2000


e bear shown here no longer roams the Adirondacks but you'll definitely experience the beauty of the northeast wilderness while on tour. Riders in past seasons have spotted bear as well as moose, hawks, bald eagles, whales, sea otters and other many other forms of wildlife.
Motorcycle touring companies vary tremendously in terms of what they include within the tour price, and especially in terms of the quality of food and accommodation included. From our very first tour, we set out to consistently provide gourmet dining, luxurious accommodations and a general level of service that is first-rate in all respects. Press reviews and letters from our riders tell us we're still living up to that goal.  

Here's what we include in our tours:

Accommodation - The elegant and luxurious inns,hotels used on each Northeastern Motorcycle Tour reflect our high standards.  See the Press & Rider Quotes page to read letters from the riders who've enjoyed this excellent lodging.
All Breakfasts & Dinners -  All breakfasts are included, generally they are full country breakfasts served at the inns where we stay. Exceptional gourmet dinners, with full choice of the menu, are included throughout the tour and highlight each evening.  See the Press & Rider Quotes to read letters from the riders who've enjoyed superb dining on our tours.

Custom Maps & Route Sheets - Detailed route maps for each day's ride are included and variations with customized route planning for individual riders are available at the ride meetings.
Lake or Ocean Ferry Passage - Some tours include travel across the Atlantic Ocean, the Bay of Fundy, Lake Champlain and other bodies of water.  Ferry passage is always included when it's part of our tour routing.
Admission to Private Mountain Toll Roads - Some tours include riding on private roads which lead to mountain summits.  Toll costs for these roads are always included in the tour price.
Admission to Special Attractions - Stops at various museums, historical recreations, musical events and other special events are part of the tours. NMT covers admission costs to attractions that we visit as a group.

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