The Cabot Trail
Nova Scotia (New Scotland)

"I have traveled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton out rivals them all."

- Alexander Graham Bell

"The accommodations, cuisine, and most of all the roads, were fantastic. I can still visualize the Cabot Trail and other roads on Cape Breton... Absolutely breathtaking. It seems like everywhere you led us, the roads were special and the traffic sparse. An enthusiast's dream come true..."

- Albert Caruana of Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"...Beautiful expansive ocean vistas and forested lanes with little traffic...  The Cabot Trail and Nova Scotia are definitely a “must do” ride and visit, among the most beautiful places in the world...I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention the feeling of welcome by created by all of the people we met in Nova Scotia.  I have traveled extensively, and nowhere in the world have I found warmer, more friendly, or more genuinely interested residents... En-route, we stopped at a tiny unassuming looking restaurant in one of Nova Scotia’s Acadian French regions and had scallops fresh that day, the best I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere...Organized motorcycle tours may seem expensive, but this one was worth every penny. The riding in Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail, the food, the accommodations, Sean’s leading and organizing, the local people and, perhaps most of all, joining like-minded motorcyclists to share the experience made this a lifetime highlight."

"On the Cabot Trail with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours"
BMW Owners News, February, 2000

"This place was so lovely I was all set to find myself a piece of property and move...The first meal was definitely up to palatal snuff, as I savored my smoked salmon with caviar, followed by a pasta with lobster sauce that arrived with a massive heaping of crustacean on top...The reason people pay Reid good money to go on his trips is that he knows the best roads to ride, the best places to eat, and the best places to lay your head at night. That evening we bedded down in an old sea-captain’s house in Lunenburg, the residence now an exquisite Bed and Breakfast. We ate three scrumptious courses at a nearby inn using many plates and regretting not a mouthful...As we sat at the table on our last night in Baddeck, going through a bottomless bucket of mussels as an appetizer, then dismantling entire lobsters or slicing into thick filets of planked salmon, we could barely speak for the pleasure of eating. But we did discuss the riding. “Stupendous,” said the doctor from New York. “Outstanding,” said the man from Santa Fe. “Remarkable,” maintained the couple from Oregon. In truth it was."

"Acadian Idyll"
April, 2001

"Northeastern Motorcycle tours...has gained a well-earned reputation for staging some of the best-run motorcycle tours in the world...Owner Sean Reid is known for his innate ability to search out only the very best places to eat and sleep...I could rant for days about the pleasures of his tours...For gorgeous scenery, memorable lodgings, friendly camaraderie, great riding, and unbelievable meals, for my money, you just can't beat Northeastern Motorcycle Tours."

- "NMT's Cabot Trail Tour"
- Motorcycle Consumer News, October 2002

Nova Scotia, or New Scotland, is one of the greatest motorcycling destinations in the world. The Cabot Trail, on the island of Cape Breton, is well known to both riders and the motorcycling press as one of the finest motorcycle roads in the world. Clinging to the cliffs of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, it twists and turns along the edge of the Atlantic ocean and through the mountains, providing spectacular views for more than 200 miles.
The Cabot Trail is so famous that many motorcyclists don't allow time to enjoy the rest of this superb province. This tour explores a wide range of what Nova Scotia has to offer. We'll enjoy other great coastal roads, the capital city of Halifax, small villages, excellent historical sites, beautiful beaches, inland seas, traditional Gaelic music and much more.

The battles between the British and French empires to control "The New World" gave Nova Scotia a rich history and a wonderful mix of Scottish and French influence. Together, they create a culture which is as interesting as the roads are beautiful.

At the heart of the tour are the four nights we spend at one location in Cape Breton. This gives three days which are very flexibly structured so that you can spend as much or as little time riding as you choose. Organized rides along the Cabot Trail or to famous historical locations will go out daily. Our resort location also offers tennis, daily boat rides, bicycling, canoeing, nearby shopping, an indoor pool and hot tub along with other activities to enjoy while not riding.

Accommodation and dining throughout the tour are first rate. Our attention to detail in this aspect of touring has become an NMT trademark. See our "Rider Feedback" and "Lodging" pages for more information. After each day of superb riding and spectacular views you'll sit down to a gourmet dinner, with full range of the menu, and luxurious accommodation.

At right, riders gather for a quick picture with Chef Paul outside a small French cafe in an Acadian region of Nova Scotia.
The Cabot Trail Tours include a four-night stay in the heart of Cape Breton. Like all Northeastern Motorcycle Tours, they begin in the evening (with arrival, a ride meeting and dinner) and end on the last morning after breakfast.
This tour is only appropriate for experienced touring riders who have ridden on a wide variety of challenging roads. If you have any questions about the match between your riding experience and any of our tours, please contact us.
Does this all sound tempting?  Visit our slideshow section or read the review of our Cabot Trail tour which appears in the February 2000 issue of BMW Owners News, the  tour review which appears in the April, 2001 edition of Rider or the review which appears in the October 2002 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News.

*Important Note: The extended version of this tour crosses in and out of Nova Scotia from New Brunswick using an established ferry service that has operated for decades. We expect no issues with that ferry service in 2021. The core tour, however, begins and ends in Nova Scotia itself and some riders may want to travel to Nova Scotia via a ferry service the starts in Maine. If you are interested in that option, contact us to discuss the latest status of that ferry service.

There are motorcycle (and sometimes Can Am Spyder) rentals located near Halifax and Truro, NS but availability is limited. Please
contact us to discuss.

For guests traveling two-up, there is also the option of having the rider travel to and from Nova Scotia by motorcycle while the co-rider joins the tour by flying in and out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The 2021 Extended Tour At A Glance

Day 01: Arrival, then ride meeting at 5:30 pm at our tour base in Bar Harbor, Maine

Day 02: Ride to St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Day 03: Early morning ferry from St. John, NB to Digby, NS, ride to beautiful historic town on the southern Nova Scotia coast

Day 04: Morning loop ride along the coast and then an afternoon coastal ride to Halifax

Day 05: Southern and then northern coastal ride to our tour base in Cape Breton

Day 06: Cabot Trail loop* ride  

Day 07: Ride to historic fortress city or Cabot Trail loop* ride counter-clockwise

Day 08: Open schedule day, last evening in Cape Breton

Day 09: Northern coastal ride into the Annapolis valley

Day 10: Northern coastal ride back to Digby, afternoon ferry to St. John

Day 11: Northern coastal ride back to Bar Harbor, Maine

Day 12: Tour ends after breakfast

* Note: Loop rides begin and end at the same hotel, allowing you decide how far and how long you want to ride that day.

The 2021 Core Tour At A Glance

Day 01: 
Arrival, then ride meeting at 5:30 pm at our hotel in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Day 02: Morning loop ride along the coast and then an afternoon coastal ride to Halifax

Day 03: Southern and then northern coastal ride to our tour base in Cape Breton

Day 04: Cabot Trail loop* ride  

Day 05: Ride to historic fortress city or Cabot Trail loop* ride counter-clockwise

Day 06: Open schedule day, last evening in Cape Breton

Day 07: Northern coastal ride to Wolfville, NS

Day 08: Tour ends after breakfast

Riders who would like to do the Cabot Trail core tour might want to consider two options:

1. Travel to and from Nova Scotia via ferry (if available) from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. * See important note above.

2. Fly in and out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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