Best of Vermont
Green Mountains - Adirondack Mountains

"The riding was superb with some of the best and most challenging roads I've ever seen. "

- Stuart Knowles, Birmingham, England

Vermont is well known to many riders as the best motorcycling state in the northeast. Spectacular mountain passes, incredible scenery and picture-perfect New England villages come together in one region that seems to have been custom designed for motorcyclists.

"That last stretch of road was pure heaven, I'm going to be dreaming about it when I get back to Canada."

- Keith Formosa, Toronto, Ontario

Some of best roads in Vermont are now famous but many more are known only to local riders. We'll show them to you as only native guides could. Even local New Englanders who've taken this tour discover roads they've never ridden and places they've never been to.

Come experience four days of exploring with the superb riding, lodging and dining that set every Northeastern Motorcycle Tour apart from ordinary vacations. Relax and enjoy.

"Some memories of the trip...the first beautiful, sunny morning through Vermont, the cool air, the silent camaraderie of all the riders as they sped along the smooth, curvy roads. Peace and serenity inside my wind bubble of a helmet as I soaked in the scenery and sunshine."

- Nealie Thompson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In addition to superb riding, each day is flexibly designed so that you can spend as much time as you like exploring museums, touring the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory, visiting the former home of Norman Rockwell or enjoying historic and picturesque New England villages. Custom ride maps are provided for each day so that you can easily choose to ride with the group or explore on your own.

The "Best of Vermont" tour includes the first-rate lodging and gourmet dining which have become NMT trademarks. Lodging will range from classic country inns to luxurious resorts.

The five-night "Best of Vermont " tour includes three days of riding in the Green Mountains and one day exploring the Adirondacks; the tour ends just before the "Americade" motorcycle rally in Lake George. 

The Tour At A Glance

Day 1: Ride meeting at 5:30 pm at our tour base near Wilmington, Vermont 

Day 2: Loop ride* through the Berkshires

Day 3: Gaps Ride through the Green Mountains ending in the Adirondacks

Day 4: Adirondacks ride ending in central Vermont

Day 5: Notch ride through the Green Mountains returning to our tour base near Wilmington

Day 6: Tour ends after breakfast

* Note: Loop rides begin and end at the same hotel, allowing you decide how far and how long you want to ride that day.

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View a slide show of pictures made during our mountains tours (Best of Vermont, Best of the Mountains, Fall Foliage).

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Other Options: The "Best of the Mountains" tours explore the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire during July, August and September.  The "New England Foliage" tours explore the same region during late September and early October.

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