New England Fall Foliage Tour

Berkshire Mountains

 Green Mountains 


Autumn in New England is an experience not to be missed. The region is well known for its incredible beauty at this time of year when the changing of seasons turns the tree leaves to brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange. The view is even more spectacular when seen from the seat of a motorcycle on a perfect mountain road.
"The colours that spread out in front of me almost defied description; bright vivid reds, golden oranges, flourescent greens, yellows and even purples. With the sun shining on the distant carpet of trees, it was as if they were lit up from inside.  I was standing by  the side of the road... looking out at the most stunningly beautiful view I had ever seen."

- Simon Winter, a CNBC cameraman who filmed one of our 1997 foliage tours and then wrote about the experience in an article called  "Video and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" which appeared in Camcorder User magazine in September of 1998.

You'll stop to look out at the crisp white buildings of New England villages set amidst a blaze of nature's color. The roads are smooth and twisty; they'll lead you up through alpine gaps and notches and then down along mountain streams as they make their way into the valleys. Its a great combination, the best roads of New England surrounded by brilliant fall foliage.

"...At the end of every day, I said the same thing, " Oh my gosh, that was the best riding of my life!"...The food was excellent; the accommodations were above and beyond.  Great camaraderie from all.  Sean is knowledgeable and funny.  Advice is freely given if asked for, no preaching.  I came away a better, safer, and more confident rider...Definitely the most fun I've had on a motorcycle so far..."

- Dave Wood


"During the day, superb riding on exciting and virtually traffic-free roads - from straights to sweeping curves to tight downhill corners - all set amid stunning scenery. In the evenings, excellent food and lodgings accompanied by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining company."

- Simon Banks, London, England



An elegant meal and a room in a classic inn will be waiting for you at the end of each day's ride. After a gourmet dinner, you might relax and talk with new friends or enjoy a walk around town or down a small back road. The next morning you'll wake up to a full country breakfast and decide what to do with your day. You might decide to join the group ride or use our custom route maps and suggestions to explore on your own. Either way, the riding will be superb and the fall scenery spectacular. 


Our foliage tours are shorter versions of the Northeastern Mountains Tours. On the first three tours, the riding is all scheduled for weekdays when the roads are most empty.  All foliage tours spend several days exploring the Green Mountains of Vermont. Tour one also travels up into the Adirondack Mountains to catch the earlier northern peak foliage. Tours three and four instead spend more time in southern Vermont to catch the later southern peak foliage. Our many years of exploring this region have taught us where to bring you for an unforgettable week of riding. Come and experience it for yourself.

Read the review of our Fall Foliage tour that appeared in the May, 1998 issue of The Robb Report


Five Night Tour At A Glance

Day 1: Ride meeting at 5:30 pm at our tour base near Wilmington, Vermont 

Day 2: Loop ride* through the Berkshires

Day 3: Loop ride* through the Southern Vermont

Day 4: Gaps Ride through the Green Mountains in central Vermont

Day 5: Notches Ride returning to tour base near Wilmington, VT

Day 6: Tour ends after breakfast

* Note: Loop rides begin and end at the same hotel, allowing you decide how far and how long you want to ride that day.

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