Quotes From the Press

"Northeastern Motorcycle Tours is one of the oldest motorcycle touring companies in the USA - in business since 1996. Our own Clement Salvadori wrote in a 2001 article about the company, "The reason people pay Reid good money to go on his trips is that he knows the best roads to ride, the best places to eat, and the best places to lay your head at night."

- "Getaway USA"
- Rider, February 2011

"Northeastern Motorcycle Tours has been in business for over fifteen years now...owner Sean Reid is known for his innate ability to search out only the very best places to ride, eat and sleep. For gorgeous scenery, memorable lodgings, friendly camaraderie, great riding, and unbelievable meals, for my money, you just can't beat Northeastern Motorcycle Tours."

- "Touring The Cabot Trail"
- Fred Rau Motorcycling, February 2010

"Though NMT is still very much about motorcycle riding, and the center of attention is still on the roads to be ridden, there is considerably more emphasis on lodging and food than you find on other motorcycle tours. Doubtlessly, the food and lodging are what sets Northeastern Motorcycle Tours apart...Having since returned for two more NMT tours, I realize that, of the ten best meals I have eaten in my life, at least six of them have come from one of Reid's handpicked restaurants."

- "Fine Riding, Fine Dining"
- Robb Report Motorcycling, July/August 2006


"Northeastern Motorcycle tours...has gained a well-earned reputation for staging some of the best-run motorcycle tours in the world...I could rant for days about the pleasures of his tours."

- "NMT's Cabot Trail Tour"
- Motorcycle Consumer News, October 2002

"This place was so lovely I was all set to find myself a piece of property and move...The first meal was definitely up to palatal snuff, as I savored my smoked salmon with caviar, followed by a pasta with lobster sauce that arrived with a massive heaping of crustacean on top...The reason people pay Reid good money to go on his trips is that he knows the best roads to ride, the best places to eat, and the best places to lay your head at night. That evening we bedded down in an old sea-captain’s house in Lunenburg, the residence now an exquisite Bed and Breakfast. We ate three scrumptious courses at a nearby inn using many plates and regretting not a mouthful...As we sat at the table on our last night in Baddeck, going through a bottomless bucket of mussels as an appetizer, then dismantling entire lobsters or slicing into thick filets of planked salmon, we could barely speak for the pleasure of eating. But we did discuss the riding. “Stupendous,” said the doctor from New York. “Outstanding,” said the man from Santa Fe. “Remarkable,” maintained the couple from Oregon. In truth it was."

"Acadian Idyll"
April, 2001

"...Five-star restaurants and inns fill the non-riding agenda...The food is divine, the staff welcoming, the rooms breathtaking -- all compliments to the surrounding smoothly banked roads...So what about the roads? Sean Reid of Northeastern Motorcycle Tours, created the Fall Foliage Tour. Operating tours in New England and Eastern Canada, this guide knows his stuff...The quality of the roads surpassed the quantity."

Excerpt from review of an all-Ducati "Fall Foliage Tour" that Northeastern created for Lotus Tours
MotorcycleWorld.com, January, 200

"All in all a grand week of motorcycle touring; a golden combination of superb roads, fascinating history, wonderful camaraderie and magnificent accommodations. And, best of all, for us, a tour that we were able to ride our own machines on. A big plus! The Gaspé is a place of stark and raw beauty. It has a rich history and a distinctly French and European feel, yet  is only a few days' ride away from the Backroads area. You could go see it by yourself, but for the money you will never surpass the roads, dining experiences, inns and history that a week in the Gaspe with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours will give you."

"Journey to Lands' End... A Gaspé Adventure"
- Backroads, September, 2000

"Actually, New England offers incredible motorcycling anytime between late May and mid-October.  But if it's fall foliage you're after, New England is the place to be...  Hitching a ride with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours is one of the best ways to get off the beaten path"

"20 Great Adventures"
Motorcyclist, April, 2000

"...Beautiful expansive ocean vistas and forested lanes with little traffic...  The Cabot Trail and Nova Scotia are definitely a “must do” ride and visit, among the most beautiful places in the world...I'd be remiss if I neglected to mention the feeling of welcome by created by all of the people we met in Nova Scotia.  I have traveled extensively, and nowhere in the world have I found warmer, friendly, and genuinely interested residents... En-route, we stopped at a tiny unassuming looking restaurant in one of Nova Scotia’s Acadian French regions and had scallops fresh that day, the best I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere...Organized motorcycle tours may seem expensive, but this one was worth every penny. The riding in Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail, the food, the accommodations, Sean’s leading and organizing, the local people and, perhaps most of all, joining like-minded motorcyclists to share the experience made this a lifetime highlight."

"On the Cabot Trail with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours"
BMW Owners News, February, 2000

"...See the leaves of the Berkshires, the Adirondacks and Vermont from the seat of a two-wheeler - motorcycle that is.  You'll average a hefty 200 miles a day - on your own bike or a rental - but you'll be rewarded with gourmet dinners and luxury digs..."

  "10 Trips You Can't Afford To Miss...Fall Foliage Favorites"
Consumer Reports Travel Letter, August, 1999

"NMT's motto of gourmet food, gourmet lodging and gourmet riding rings true..." 

- Motorcyclist, November, 1998

"The roads were twisty, well-maintained, almost devoid of traffic, and wound through some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable...I can't remember when I've felt so relaxed or enjoyed riding so much...I highly recommend Northeastern Motorcycle Tours..."

- Motorcycle Consumer News, September 1998

"The wind in your hair, the open road, a hot machine between your legs...conquering the coastline's hairpin turns..."

- Elle, September 1998

"It was all the best roads of Wales and Scotland with some Alps thrown in! Not what I'd expected at all from America...Riding every day for two weeks we sampled some awesome roads and views. From long sweepers in huge valleys to climbing 6000 feet up Mount Washington and mountain gaps that you'd see in adverts for Swiss chocolate...After a week and a modification to my suspension I was worried the food and drink might be catching up on me. Each evening we pulled up at fine inns and hotels with dining a la carte already paid for. Then time for beer, the hot tub and a chat about the day’s riding and what we had to look forward to...Bliss...Worth every penny..."

- BIKE (UK), June 1998

"I glimpse the perma-grins etched onto the riders' faces, and I doubt that things could get much better. But then I remember that it's only day two of our weeklong tour, and that the best riding and luxury lodging lies in the miles beyond the next hairpin turn...a combination of luxury New England accommodations and painstakingly researched tour routes. Throw a high level of organization into the mix, and you've got a bike tour that will meet the needs of virtually any clientele, from grizzled touring veterans to husband-and-wife weekend cruiser teams...NMT offers some of the finest motorcycling in the country because New England's terrain is so varied...In five days of riding, my bike racks up almost 1,000 miles, and I discover parts of New England that I didn't know existed. Incredible...Our group--with origins ranging from Baltimore to Vienna--became fast friends, often lingering around the dinner table or sitting well into the evening, sipping coffee and port and anticipating the next day's ride. Motorcycling is, indeed, a universal language...Reid has scored a hit with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours..."

The Robb Report , May 1998

"So, that first night, and every night after that, we feast — oh, how we feast..Living like a king can be addicting...Northeastern Motorcycle Tours is one of the most highly organized, luxurious domestic touring companies that riders can spend their money on and it's here to stay."

- BMW Owners News, December 1997

Letters From Tour Veterans

"I have been riding off and on for about 25 years, both street and dirt...I've always dreamed of touring New England...So when I bought a BMW this past winter, I signed up for Northeastern's Fall Foliage Tour...At the end of every day, I said the same thing, "Oh my gosh, that was the best riding of my life!" These are some of the things that went on inside my helmet: a little nervousness, a lot of smiles, joy at the beauty of peak foliage and classic New England countryside, whoops of exhilaration and laughter, revelation at new found skills, moments of peace and near epiphany when the sounds of the wind and engine disappear and there is nothing in the world but this and now. You know the place.  The food was excellent; the accommodations were above and beyond.  Great camaraderie from all.  Sean is knowledgeable and funny.  Advice is freely given if asked for, no preaching.  I came away a better, safer, and more confident rider...Definitely the most fun I've had on a motorcycle so far..."

- Dave Wood, Fall Foliage tour on a BMW R1200C



"Sean Reid and NMT take rider enjoyment to a new level.  The spectacular roads, accommodations, and gourmet food coupled with Sean's vast knowledge of local history, folklore, and all aspects of motorcycling, will keep you coming back year after year.  More than once I have continued on past the end of my scheduled tour, and into the next.  My only regret is that the tours always have to come to an end.  The bottom line is: I have found no one who does it better than Sean Reid and NMT!" 

- Cliff LaMotta, Principal, Cliff's BMW Motorcycles of Danbury


"With your dedication and professionalism, you're sure to always be a success in the industry."

- Dan Saari and riding buddy Joe Brooks (upper row in picture shown) with John & Alice Bradley, Cabot Trail tour on a BMW R1100GS and BMW R1100R


From a post to the BMW K1200LT discussion list:

"My wife and I got home on Saturday from our 7-day trip with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours. The trip was one of a lifetime. The weather was perfect, the lodging was top notch and the food was incredible. Sean Reid runs a top-notch operation with an eye on detail. There were five of us on the tour, my wife Melinda, Bill and Karla Russell from Virginia and Tom Dolan from Illinois, myself plus Sean, his partner Melissa and a chase vehicle. 

All of us but my wife were riding BMWs. My wife was on her Voyager XII. The trip took us through Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The roads Sean took us on were beautiful and challenging. We hit most of the Gaps and Notches in Vermont and New Hampshire including the Appalachian Gap the Holy Grail of twisties in Vermont. Smugglers Notch also proved to be quite challenging. We also rode to the top of Mount Washington in NH (the highest point in the northeast) no guard rails and part of the road was dirt. The average mileage was just over 200 miles per day with stops for various points of interest. When the days ride was done we would be at our next nights lodging where our bags would already be placed in our rooms. Ahhh... this is my idea of roughing it. During our week or riding, Sean would ride with each of us and give us pointers as to how to improve our riding technique. This is not something that is mentioned in his brochure but it was a definite bonus. I have been riding for over 30 years and I learned a lot in our week of riding. Sean took my wife out one morning before the tour started and worked with her in a parking lot for about an hour on slow speed maneuvers. This helped her with her confidence when we got into the more challenging parts of the ride. As I said this supplemental instruction was not something Sean advertises although I feel he should. The best part of the trip were the people we met and the friends we made. Dinner was always a time of lots of laughs good cheer and of reflection on our days ride. We had a blast and I hope we can do it again sometime."

- Kooster & Melinda McCallister,  Best of the Mountains tour on a BMW K1200LT and a Kawasaki Voyager


"Thanks for the wonderful trip to Gaspé.  The scenery, lodging and food were terrific!  We experienced a world of cycling we didn't know was available; we hope to meet again to see more of New England.  Thanks again - we had a great time."

- Ken & Nancy Smith,  Gaspé Maritime Tour on a Honda Goldwing

- David & Ruth Anne Hannigan (inventors/makers of the famous Hannigan fairings, sidecars, trailers and trikes)  Fall Foliage tour on a BMW K1200LT & BMW R1100R

"We have been very busy since returning from the trip but I did want to tell you how much we enjoyed the tour. The twisty, windy roads made for great riding, the fall colors were beautiful, the hotels gave a great flavor of Vermont, the food was wonderful and the people on the tour were a lot of fun. Overall a very enjoyable, relaxing time. It was a great way to end the riding season. You have some of the best roads in the country right in your back yard.  Ride safe and have fun."


"The tour was outstanding on so many levels, and I realize you bent over backwards to make it a great tour for me personally. You are a great teacher of riding techniques and an encyclopedia of riding knowledge. You rode at the pace I liked. You showed us great roads, scenery, and hotels. I tell anyone interested how great your tours are.

When I look at the pictures, it reminds me that some of the most beautiful places I've seen have been on your tours. One of my best memories is of the park in Gaspé: we rode in together in the rain and then I hiked as the sun came slowly out. The trail with wildflowers, the colorful steep cliffs with pounding surf, and the deep blue sky and water with whales broaching the surface made for some heady stuff. I think that this park that day had to be as close to heaven as we can get on this earth.  Sorry it made me a few minutes late for dinner, but I assure you it was a highlight of my trip, that and riding the mountain road south from..."

- Dr. Whitley (& Serena) Vick, Fall Foliage Tour & Maine Maritime Tour and  on a rented Honda ST1100,  Gaspé Maritime Tour on a rented Ducati ST4


"Thanks again for the best vacation we have ever had. We loved every (beeping) minute of it."

- Susan & Larry Rogers, Cabot Trail tour on a rented BMW R1100RT, Gaspé Tour, Mountains Tour & Fall Foliage Tour on a Honda Goldwing 1500


"Thank you for the fabulous trip.  I really wanted you to know how enjoyable you made that trip for me. Not only did you make me feel comfortable as a relatively inexperienced rider but you completely changed me as a rider.  The route you suggested we take on our trip home was so much fun and had so many awesome curves. 

The thing is that before your trip I would never have described twisties as "awesome"! You personally tripled my riding experience. You made me so much more confident. My husband said it was a lot more enjoyable to ride with me. Thank you so much for going out of way to improve upon my skills. I can not tell you how much I appreciate it. 

Also thank you for an exhilarating, relaxing, and fun vacation! I can not wait for the next!! The trip itself was first class all the way. Even after you left in the evening the whole crew kept talking about how everything from the accommodations, the food, and the tour guides were spectacular. Thank you.

Speaking of the next trip... Can you let us know what dates any of the crew has decided upon. I can not think of a better way to spend our vacation time!"

- Nathalie & Christopher Lestage of Boston, Massachusetts
 Mountains tour on a BMW F650ST & an R1200C


"I have very fond memories of the tour...it was one of the great motorcycle trips I have taken. Thank you again for a memorable time! "

- Mike Mattenson of Chicago, Illinois
Cabot Trail tour on a rented Honda ST-1100

"The "Best of the Maritimes" tour was spectacular! Sheryl and I have participated in organized motorcycle tours before, including Europe, and we enjoyed your "Best of the Maritimes" tour like no other. You were true to your word: the accommodations, cuisine, and most of all the roads, were fantastic. I can still visualize the roads in Cape Breton Nova Scotia and the Cabot Trail (among others). Absolutely breathtaking. It seems like everywhere you led us, the roads were special and the traffic sparse. An enthusiast's dream come true.


Most of all, we were impressed with the extent of your personal involvement in every facet of the tour. You always went out of your own way to maximize your clients' enjoyment. I, personally, remain very appreciative of your riding skills and the extent to which you assisted me in improving my own riding skills in approaching the corners. I am a better rider as a result of your tutelage . (That was an unexpected bonus, as you never represented that we would be better riders after the tour). One particularly exciting afternoon Sheryl looked over at me and said "I think I am going to call...(her broker), I'm going to ask him to sell my stock so we can send some money to Sean to hold for our use in future tours."

When it comes to motorcycling experiences, the NMT Maritime tour is worth every cent of the cost. Finally, thanks for the atmosphere created on the tour. After 22 years, Sheryl and I had so much fun together it felt as though it were a second honeymoon."

- Albert & Sheryl Caruana of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Best of the Maritimes tour on a Honda ST1100

"On this, our second trip with Northeastern Motorcycle Tours, it was a pleasure to see that Sean had not compromised on the quality of service. As in the past year, the roads were well chosen, the accommodations always first class and the food excellent. Travelling with three other couples in addition to Bonnie and I, plus two individual riders, brought tons-o-fun riding, buckets of laughter at stops, and lasting friendships among people who enjoy motorcycling at its best.

Free time built into the schedule allowed us to have so many opportunities to see and experience some of our own special interests. The boat trip to Bird Islands, where we saw over 50 eagles and thousands of other birds including puffins was a real bonus. So too was the Gaelic Celidh music festival. The people of Nova Scotia really love their music and it was a pleasure to see how all family members are involved with either playing music or dancing.

My favorite place to eat was... Never in my life have I tasted such delicious scallops. They were near hockey puck size and as fresh as fresh can be. I hope this continues to be a stop on tour so other riders can experience it.

Lastly, I want to comment that Sean conducts tours, not trips. He has been able to couple the interests of motorcycle riders by offering them safe and scenic roads and combining that pleasure with the ability to experience some of the greatest scenery in the Northeast and learn about other cultures within the United States and Canada. We are looking forward to a foliage tour this fall."

- Bonnie and Joe Racho of Conyngham, Pennsylvania,  Maine Maritime Tour on a Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide,  Cabot Trail Tour

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