The Nickwackett Garage (Pittsford, VT) is run by Bud Provin whom NMT owner Sean Reid considers one of the best BMW motorcycle technicians in the USA. Bud (Llloyd junior) is the son of the late Lloyd Provin who ran Provin Motorsports in the same building for decades. Either father or son have worked on most of Reid's motorcycles, dating back to an R75/6, and he can't recommend this shop highly enough.  Bud is a perfectionist with a lot of experience - just what one wants in a technician. He also has created his own line of custom brake lines. Nickwackett specializes in older British motorcycles and BMWs made through 2005.

NMT owner Sean Reid and staff have found The Helmet Shop to provide excellent service. We've bought riding gear there while down in Florida and the shop was a pleasure to deal with.


Sierra Electronics Sierra Electronics has been providing communications gear to NMT since our founding in 1996.  Wayne and Kevin, in particular, have often gone the extra mile to advise on technical installation questions.  We recommend them.


Baxley  L.A. Chock - We first learned about this wonderful little invention from Fred Rau at Motorcycle Consumer News and now have one permanently mounted in our main NMT chase trailer.  Essentially, you just ride the bike into the chock and it automatically closes around the front wheel as that wheel rolls over the clamping mechanism.  Once in the chock, the bike is held up and you simply need to add a rear tie-down strap to each side of the bike (pulling out and forward) and you're ready to roll.  The whole process takes about five minutes and is a vast improvement over the traditional "wheel chock and four tie-downs" system.  It's especially handy with newer BMWs and other bikes with modern fairings that don't have good mounting points for front tie-downs.  With the Baxley chock, we don't need front tie-downs at all.  Highly recommended.

David Hannigan designs and manufactures high quality sidecars, fairings and motorcycle trailers.  Our staff recently had the opportunity to test a BMW K1200LT / Hannigan Astro 2+2 sidecar rig and found both the handling and the build quality to be exceptionally good. 


Chilli Heated Clothing - Chilli is owned by Steve Attwood, winner of the 1993 "Iron Butt" competition and a true motorcycle enthusiast.  In addition to heated clothing, Chilli also carries other useful motorcycle accessories including the Schuberth Concept flip-up helmet .


Heli Modified is one of our favorite aftermarket suppliers because they build functional pieces which always seem to improve on stock components.   The company is most famous for their unique adjustable handlebars which can greatly improve the ergonomics of many motorcycles.  They also manufacture a range of very trick products that enhance the handling, braking and performance of the Honda GL1500 Goldwing.    

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation - We strongly recommend that all riders complete an M.S.F. course, or the international equivalent, prior to joining a tour with us. Both introductory and experienced rider courses are available.

Our friends at Whitehorse Press publish and sell the widest variety of motorcycle related books in the world.  A must-visit site.

The motorcycle section of  is a particularly well-organized collection of of articles and information edited by Walter Kern, a motorcyclist who really seems to know his stuff.  Definitely worth a visit. 
The Robb Report - Articles about luxury living including some good motorcycle stories. The May, 1998 issue includes an NMT tour review.
Motorcycle Consumer News - MCN is one of the most objective cross-brand motorcycle magazines published in the United States and a real favorite of experienced touring riders. The site is worth a visit and we also recommend a subscription to the printed version.
River City BMW Riders - "A Northern California club of BMW motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to having fun and sharing the joy of motorcycling." - from the homepage
The Yankee Beemers - "Ride to eat and eat to ride..." This very active New England BMW club sponsors special events throughout the riding season.
Chariot Trailers - We've chosen to use Chariot trailers on our tours because, in our opinion, they're the best designed units money can buy. They are durable, load easily, tow well, balance properly and are lightweight.
Beach's Motorcycle Adventures - If you've already explored and enjoyed every corner of New England and the Canadian Maritimes, consider the Alps, Norway or New Zealand.

Jesse Luggage Systems - We have a set of Jesse saddlebags on the NMT BMW F650 and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  In all seriousness, these are the best designed saddlebags we've ever used and are tough as nails.  If you ride a BMW adventure tourer (or a Kawasaki KLR 650) and want the best of the best, check this site out.  Highly recommended.

Internet BMW Riders - This is the online mecca for BMW motorcycle riders and admirers. Join the discussion list and locate all kinds of BMW moto-wisdom.

Interactive Motorcyclist - A thought-provoking motorcycle e-zine; check out the fiction section especially. This is really worth a visit.

The BMW Site - Great starting source for all things BMW.

NYC Motos - You've gotta love motorcycling to ride in the Big Apple.

Wings On the Internet - A great web source for riders of the famous Honda Goldwing.

Honda Gold Wing Home Page - Another great site for Wingers.

Rainbow Motorcycles - U.K. BMW dealership

BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria, Australia - BMW riders from "Down Under"

American Sport-Touring Association - For riders on any brand of motorcycle who love to sport-tour.

The K75RS Conversion Page - For those of you who ride and modify BMWs, here's a description of the conversion we did to modify our first lead bike. Links to related suppliers for the aftermarket parts are also included.

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