The NMT Support Vehicles


On some trips Northeastern Motorcycle Tours uses a conversion van as its primary chase vehicle.   In addition to carrying luggage and towing our trailer, the LTV can carry six passengers and includes an on board TV/Video system and a refrigerator for keeping cold refreshments handy .  

The van is in regular radio contact with the lead motorcycle.  

The chase vehicles tows a trailer which is ready to carry a disabled motorcycle should the need arise. 

If you've never toured with a chase vehicle, you'll quickly come to appreciate it. You'll be able to pack a normal range of clothes rather than being limited to what can be stuffed into two saddlebags. If your passenger wants a break from riding for any reason, she or he can travel comfortably in the chase vehicle for as long as desired. If your bike does have mechanical problems, help and a proper trailer are right at hand. And, last but not least, warm or cold drinks, fruit and other snacks are available at each stop.



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